How to access online resources in SketchUp through http proxy?


How can I specify my http company proxy in sketchup 2017 to access online ressources ?


you can’t.

I do not know if SU uses the WinHTTP or WinINET library for acessing the proxy settings but you might want try the following on the Windows console:

• view current WinHTTP default proxy settings:
  netsh.exe winhttp show proxy
• set the default WinHTTP proxy server by excluding local addresses:
  netsh.exe winhttp set proxy <proxyserver:port> “”
• import MS IE proxy settings of current user as the default WinHTTP settings:
  netsh.exe winhttp import proxy source=ie

For an SU x32 under Win x64 the “netsh.exe” command line tool must be run from directory: “C:\Windows\Syswow64”

as always, use at own risk.


I already tried that but this is not working for http authenticated proxies…
This is such a simple feature for a “professional” software !!!
The only way is to use a traffic re-director like Proxifier which forces the program to go through the proxy.


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