How to abort an operation?

Sometimes I do something that takes too long ( like replacing a texture from another in a complex geometry or cleaning up the file with a plugin) and I just want to revert it because I dont want to wait hours for the action to be completed and ESC command most of time doesnt work because it makes the software stop responding. What am I doing wrong? :thinking: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Kill the process in your operating system. Then restart SU

You’re not doing anything wrong, but all the programs 3D and not 3D can take some time to do some tasks, some of them are impossible to stop by another way than finishing the process on the task manager.

its better than trying to close manually skp and having the message asking if i want to wait? I heard that this way maybe it tries to save before closing…

there are two reasons that can cause SU to freeze :

  • either it’s “thinking”. then let it think. clicking on stuff will only make the thinking longer.
  • it crashed. could be stuck in a loop.

If it’s the first case, just… let it think. the only think I could think of is to press space once so that when it’s done, it’ll just revert to the select tool. no clicking.

well, if you try to close it manually and it tells you to wait, you’re in the first situation. it’s thinking. and so yeah, you can wait.

rklein’s solution, though radical, works too. but then you’ll have to rely on the autosave or your own manual saves.

Personally, I find that entering the operation room yelling ABORT, ABORT ! works too.


I expect, based on the models you’ve shared and the other problems you’ve reported having, you could mostly avoid needing to abort operations by cleaning up your models and using better modeling workflow. You’ve previously indicated you aren’t interested in improving your modeling but maybe you would be open to considering that now.

I am always interested Dave, the problem is because sometimes I forget due long time using it in the wrong way. I just think that should be a command that imediateley rever the action without crashing trying to process this simple task. But I am constanting learning in the basic forum as you said and one day I will not bother you guys anymore

I don’t believe that function exists for any cad application, i may be wrong

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I think it should exists already…I cannot believe that is 21th century with quantum machines and A.I and we dont have something simple and very usefull like that? It would save millions hours for us skp and cad hard workers.