How much hard would it be to draw these "leaves"?

Hi everybody.

I replicated this image using SU.

This has been the result.

But I wonder how much hard would it be to make it 3D.
I thought about drawing the “leaves” maybe using curviloft or vertex tools, I didn’t try it yet, because I’d like to know what tools or extensions you recommend.
So far I did it the easy part. Can native tools afford this task?

This is my .skp file if it were necessary: try.skp (942.4 KB)

Thanks in advance.

This has been my first try with vertex tools.
But of course the “leaves” still have not the same shape or dimensions, it was only a try.


I did it like this.
try_ecati.skp (1001.6 KB)

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Cool @ecati, yours is much better.
This is his.
Did you use curviloft?
I guess your “leaves” can be also done with follow me tool and some edition afterwards, like if you were drawing a hemisphere.
EDIT: Another possibility that came to my mind is to duplicate the “egg” and make it bigger, and then make some intersection to make it looks like … a shell or a inverse “Hazelnut” (probably hazelnut was not a good example xD).

Yes, I used curviloft.

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