How many colours in SketchUp17?

I know colours can be “infinitely” varied from the colour wheel but as far as I can see the colour palette only allows a max of 106 colours per model.
I want 390 for a project. Can anyone point me if there’s a way of doing this in SU17 ?

If not could I make my 390 colours outside SU and import them as images as I only want to use them on flat surfaces ?

You can edit colors in SketchUp and save them as new colors. Create as many as you like.

What operating system? Please complete your profile because that information is useful in helping to answer your questions.

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Thanks Dave

Colours: Ok. With your prompt I’ve discovered my error was that I was operating within the standard/given palette of 106 colours and whenever I hovered over the “+” icon and “create material” popped up I took that too literally and didn’t go in to find that colors were included under “materials”. So with a bit of dabbling I’ve found that SU creates "material 1… 2 …"etc when you create your own color. So you’ve sorted me there thanks. Now just a few hours making the 390 I need :sweat: :sweat: but I knew that might come.

Seems I need as much leading by the hand on the forum as on SU … can’t find my profile anywhere :neutral_face:
I’ll keep hunting as I want to change my email address anyway.

Keep in mind those new materials are being created in the In Model colors. Once you’ve created them you can save them as a new collection.

Why are you creating 390 colors. What is the magic of 390?

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Bit like the colors … I’d clicked both those before but not seeing “profile” backed off.
Now clicked a bit further at your prompt and changed changed some bits … including my email . Thanks.
So I’m now off to ask Mr Google where to find a saturated colour spectrum :rainbow: :sailboat:

It still doesn’t show your SketchUp version, OS and graphics card.

Mmmm… been away for a few days. I think I put in my SU version and OS but dont know how to find a graphics card so put my laptop make. You’re dealing with “entry level” practitioner here :neutral_face:.
I missed your Q about 390 colours … I have a geometric model on which I want to put a graduation through all the spectrum colours. The pathway for this is divided into 390 compartments so I thought I’d create those steps in individual colours … marathon!
I have now dabbled in and out of SU and found I can import graduated colour changes as JPGs so that brings me down to 132 colour graduations. 75% reduction :slightly_smiling_face:so I’m working on that direction now.