Creating Custom Color Palette

I am trying to create a palette for MTN94 spray paint that I use. Despite skimming the forum and watching a couple YT videos, I still can’t seem to save colors. I’ve tried the image palette tool but the document they have to download is wordy and difficult to use in Image Palette. Any other suggestions? I just don’t see why I can’t create a color with sliders and save it.MTN 94 Colors

You can add a color to the In Model Colors and then edit it and save it as a new material. Once you’ve got the colors you want in the In Model Colors, you can save the collection be clicking on Duplicate in the right hand dropdown list in the Colors panel.

Since they give the Pantone numbers for their colors, I think I would go to the 3D Warehouse and get a Pantone collection. Open the .skp file for them and then in the In Model Colors, click on Duplicate. If you want to create a limited collection of colors, you can add those colors to In Model and then use Duplicate again to create your small collection that way. It would save you having to repeatedly edit colors.

I was able to use In Model Colors like you said and save the collection. Thanks for the help! I couldn’t figure out how to use the Pantone color code, but that could be a great extension if someone was able to build it.

You’re welcome.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are several options for collections of Pantone colors already available in the 3D Warehouse.

Yeah. That’s already been done, too. ColorMaker by Didier Bur available at Sketchucation has Pantone libraries. Fredo6 has ColorPaint included in his FredoTools. If you had a txt file with the RGB values for the colors it would generate materials for you, too.

Getting them already made from the 3D Warehouse is easiest,m though.