Leroy merlin


Comment importer les gammes de couleur de peinture Leroy Merlin? ainsi que les diverses modeles de cuisine ou sdb?


I did a search for Leroy Merlin paint colors and found a site with color squares of the various colors they offer. https://www.leroymerlin.es/pintura/colores-a-tu-gusto You could sample the colors from the site and add them as custom materials in SketchUp. There is a pipette tool in the Colors Edit settings in SketchUp that can be used for that. It would be slow to make all of the colors that way but you could make them as you need them. You might try contacting Leroy Merlin to see if they have some tools for designers that would include their paint colors. Or find out who makes the paint for Leroy Merlin and contact them.

The 3D Warehouse has paint colors for other paint suppliers but I didn’t see any for LeRoy Merlin. For example search the 3D Warehouse for Sherwin-Williams. Some paint manufacturers actually offer complete sets of their colors in files set up for SketchUp.

If you can match the colors to Pantone colors you can get the Pantone collection from the 3D Warehouse.

Another option would be to get FredoTools from Sketchucation and use the Color Paint tool. Maybe there is a set of colors there that you can use.

As for appliances, fixtures, and furniture, have a look at the 3D Warehouse to start. You can search from right in SketchUp. Go to Window>3D Warehouse.