How make a 1/4" dia, ROD?



How make a 1/4" dia, ROD? some SCALING req’d>?


Scaling will help avoid SketchUp’s problem with very short lines (which are used to approximate the circle).

Draw a circle with an 12.5 inch radius (not diameter!)
Click on the face
Push pull to 100 times the desired length in inches
Triple click anywhere on rod to select all
Make it a group or component
Scale it by a factor of .01


SketchUp can easily handle making a 1/4 in. dia. cylinder without scaling if the number of sides in the circle is kept reasonable.

If you do make a component before scaling, make sure to scale the definition after getting it to the right size.



I wasn’t sure, and I wasn’t at my SketchUp computer (to test) when I replied, so I gave directions as I did to avoid my own uncertainty!


According to my calculations the creation of the circle should fail right around 785 segments for a 1/4 inch diameter circle.

Edit. I based that on pi/4/s > 0.001
Where s is the number of segments.


DaveR + All;
Thank you for responding!
It seems you’se expound on issues; far more technical than I’m capable,
[or desire profinchency] in.
I simply am trying to vert.draw= 1/4" dia. rod … HOW?


Did you see @slbaumgartner’s animated GIF? It shows you exactly how to do it.