How I can solve this "load errors" problem?


Everytime I enter into the Sketchup, I always get this error message. What can this be? I have never had this problem before, but a few days have this problem, and I don’t know what to do with it. Therefore, I can’t use Enscape 3D, in turn it’s my favourite rendering program. :frowning: Did somebody face this probleam already?


Looks like there’s a problem with Enscape’s licensing. Do you have a license for Enscape? I’d try uninstalling it and reinstalling it fresh.

You should also contact Enscape directly for assistance.


I have tried uninstall and install many times, but nothing happened.:frowning: I have 7 days trial license.


This might be because of the non-English characters in your username (and thus plugin folder path). Some extensions do not support this.


Wooooow, thank you very much!!! It work!!!


Whi is the author of enscape? If they could utilize the force_encoding method on paths returned by __FILE__ and __dir__ this should be fixed.

file = __FILE__.dup
file.force_encoding('UTF-8') if file.respond_to?(:force_encoding)