How does one export a skp file (pro 2106) to a 2d dwg file for 2008 version auto cad

I am using export > 2d graphic>auto cad DWG File (.dwg)… options Auto cad 2007.

Recipient receives a 3d dwg. this is creating an issue…

any thoughts?

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Paul Rogers

There is no such thing as a 2D DWG. All AutoCad files are the same, with coordinates in three dimensions. 2D is just a file where all lines etc. are on the z=0 plane.

What the Export>2D Image function in SketchUp does is to take the view you are seeing on your screen and export that as a vector line drawing. So if you are viewing your model as a perspective view, you get a flattened perspective drawing as a result. To get, for instance, a plan drawing that is to scale, you have to switch your camera to a top view and set it to use parallel projection prior to exporting.


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