How do you put weild in shetch 8

how do you put weild in shetch 8

Would I be right in assuming you are asking how to install the Weld plugin in Sketchup 8?

Please complete your profile information - graphics card ‘64’ is not a useful or complete response, you don’t say which version of Windows, and you can’t spell Sketchup - and is it Make or Pro?

If it was the latest M2 release of SU 8, just the same as in later versions up to 2016.

There are several varieties of Weld plugin. The Sketchup Extension Warehouse has one by SMustard, Sketchucation Plugin Store has another by TIG called TIG Weld.

Download the RBZ file from either of those sources, usually to your Downloads folder.
In Sketchup, open menu Window/Preferences [Install Extension], and browse to the RBZ file.

Answer Yes when asked “do you want to install this plugin?”, and Yes again to the next prompt asking for permission for Windows to use Extended copy.

Click OK when done.

Assuming ‘Weld’ and SketchUp 8…
Choose one of the ‘weld’ tools [obviously I’d recommend my own :wink:]
As explained by others, you install the downloaded RBZ file automatically using Preferences > Extensions > Install…
If you don’t have that button you are using an earlier version of v8.
SketchUp v8M2 added that functionality.

You really ought to consider installing a newer version of SketchUp ??

thanks john, that did work for me… I had it before, it is just A Hobby.
had with vista But vista crashed lost all my program, went to Windows 10
( a Pain in the butt) intel HD Grphic . I had the *. RBZ file in backup
files But forgot how to reinstall it.
Thanks once a gain…

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