Plug in location and installation

I am using SketchUp 8 for for mechanical part modeling. I want to download some plug ins E.G. Fredo corner. So step by step where do i get them and how do i down load them so they appear in SketchUp 8 and use them as a toolbar icon. There is a “Ruby Console” is that where they go?
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Chuck Stewart

Your forum profile says you are using the web version of SketchUp but version 8. There is no such thing! Which is correct? It affects the answer, especially since the web version doesn’t support plugins at all.

Well, there was, but wasn’t that about 2006 or 2008 or something?

You already asked this and were given a solution in this thread.

You were also asked then to fix your profile to avoid the confusion it is once again creating.

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All i know is i downloaded SketchUp 8 from the internet and is on my computer. I think the last time i was able to download Fredo corner and it worked for a while then it disappeared. If your right why is there a Ruby Console and a place for plug ins listed in the program files?

Looking at my old machine, it looks like my memory is little off. Google SketchUp 8 was dated 2012, and the last version with Google in the name? It looks like the plugins were in the global Library folder not the user Library folder.
Root > Library > Application Support > Google SketchUp 8 > SketchUp > plugins

Your profile says you are using the Free Web version. There is no facility for using extensions or plugins with the web versions. If your profile was correct there’d be no confusion.

Well i guess that answers my original question. I cannot afford to buy a version that supports extensions or plugins. The version i am using is the Google SketchUp 8.0.16846 version. So i will have to live with that. Thank you all for your time and help on this.
Chuck Stewart
I am a retired mechanical design engineer. Have used Autocad and solid modeling software.

That version does support the use of extensions. The free web version does not.

As you’ve been asked repeatedly to correct your profile because it is confusing. SketchUp 8.0.16846 is not the free web version that your profile indicates you are using. The free web version runs in an internet browser. SketchUp 8 is locally installed.

Why are you using SketchUp 8 at all? Since you are using SketchUp as a hobbyist you could be using SketchUp 2017 Make. At least it’s reasonably current and you can more easily install extensions than you can in SU8.0.

If you plan to continue using that ancient version, you’ll need to download the extensions to your computer, change the file extension from .rbz to .zip, and extract the contents to the Plugins folder in C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 8\

Keep in mind that some newer extensions may not working in SU8.

Why is there a Ruby Console in the menu and a place for plug ins listed in the program files in this version of SketchUp 8 (ves. 8.0.16846)? I assume you cannot use the global library folder or down load it to get plug ins?

As I wrote in my previous post:

You don’t need the Ruby Console to install extensions. In the version you indicate you are using you need to follow these instructions.

This was answered for you months ago.

Dave’s suggestion is a good one: you can run plugin in version 8 (2010), but since you can still download version 2017 for free, why not just use that? Plugin installation is easier on it.

Thanks Dave. I will follow your instructions. I tried to change my profile version to SketchUp 8.0.16846 but it is not listed. How do i do that?

The Ruby Console is a window where you can type or paste snippets of Ruby code to see what they do. Plugins can display diagnostics in the Ruby Console, but otherwise it has nothing to do with installing or running plugins.

Thank you.

If i downloaded free 2017 i assume i can bring up any of my 100 mechanical and architectural models constructed in SketchUp 8. Where do i find that download?

Find it HERE

Yes, and I believe you can also save files back to version 8 from 2017.

I would like to get 2017, or is it Make 2017. I brought up the Trimble site you mentioned and do i simply download Make 2017. It doesn’t say it is free. Another question: my models are listed in my documents folder, is that the right location?
Thank you so much for time and effort.

Yes, the one called SketchUp Make 2017. That was the last free desktop version. All the ones marked Pro are paid by subscription now, though you can download and run them for a period as a trial.

Most people keep them somewhere in their user account documents folder. What doesn’t work is cloud storage like iCloud or Google Drive. You can save backups to places like that, but don’t work in SketchUp on a file there.