How do you point-mark; a Cir ctr?

win 10, SU Make …

Here we go again.


I read the post and I know who the op is before I’ve opened it…

Tool sel just hov ctn infer. Can click or line.


You can use a Point plugin. Get one from either the Extension Warehouse, or the Sketchucation plugin store.

Start the Point tool.

Hover the mouse pointer over the edge of the circle to see an inference point at its centre, move the mouse to that centre, then when the centre inference highlights, click on it to draw a guide point there.

You may also be able to do it with the native Tape Measure tool, but a Point plugin is easier.

You can right click on an arc or circle and choose ‘find center’ A guide point will be added.
Rght-clk;->Fnd ctr


I’d forgotten that’s now a native feature, Mike. Thanks for the reminder.


:point_right: :computer_mouse: :arrow_right: “[:mag_right: :central_african_republic:]”


Are you trying to emulate @gripwin, Aerilius with cryptic instructions?

Or should I interpret it as ‘points to’, ‘use mouse’, ‘right button’, ‘open quote’, ‘go to edge’, ‘central african reupublic (get centre)’, ‘end quote’ ?

something tells me that you discovered this feature (ds332_BlkhdRCKR) :

There are several guide points ‘stacked’
Is it something else what you are after ?

Thank you …real usable!

The centerpoint is invisible. It will remain there as long as you don’t explode your circle.

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you are talking about the inference points. The guide points created by the ‘find center’ context menu item are there…

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You learn something new every day. Thanks for teaching me that one. :grinning:

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Why not start by writing questions in real English?

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Why bother, he gets his answer.


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