Restore Point at Center

Point at Center for arcs and circles is the feature I miss most on SU 2014. Chris Fullmer does have a plug-in to find a center, but having Point at Center in the edit menu was way easier and faster to use.

Point at Center is from a plugin too. I believed it’s from Example Ruby Scripts

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Utilities Tools — Provides the Query Tool and a very weak make faces tool.

Example Ruby Scripts — Provides Point at Center


Dear Geo,
Thank you for the information. I installed example ruby scripts, but it doesn’t seem to have any capability to produce point at center. Am I missing something?
SketchUp 8 had an option in the Edit menu that instantly provided a point at center. But that option disappeared with SU 2013, sadly.

Well that’s odd, David, because I just now installed Example Ruby Scripts for the first time in my copy of 2014 Make, and Point at Center was there in both the Edit > Arc/Circle menu and the Arc/Circle context menu and working as expected as soon as I exited the Extension Warehouse. In other words, the installation was uneventful and the command seems to work fine.

May I inquire the steps you took to install it?


I spoke too soon. I was looking in the Tools and Plug-Ins menus, not in the Edit menu. But the installation was normal, and I do now have point at center. My thanks for the tip about the example ruby scripts plug-in.

I got an extension that adds guide points to arcs and circles, even tries to add to exploded arcs and circles:

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Hi David, hi folks.

I have the Guide Tools extension, described by Thom Thom, since day one of SU 2014 and it adds all the required center points capabilities that I need.

At first, I missed the right click on arcs and circles feature that provided the point at center with previous versions of SU, but this extension is much more complete.

Just ideas.