How do you modeling & rendering tile joints quick and easily in SketchUp ?

​The SketchUp model needs to be rendered, but I always need to export the model into 3Ds max to add these tile joint-lines again. I just want to render the model simply in SketchUp, so I was wondering Is there an awsome method to do the tile-joint works easy and quickly? ​Please tell me!

Make components of the tiles then make a small offset delete everything but the center face an extrude it a bit. Do the same to the different components and done, you can use a plugin like s4u components to make to convert the faces into components with one click. For rendering you can use vray, Thea, brighter3D, enscape and a lot other plug-ins, you can also export your model to an external rendering software like twinmotion, D5 render and lumion, my recommendation is to use Twinmotion or D5, those are awesome rendering softwares very intuitive, you can achieve very realistic images or videos of your model and the best thing is that they’re free. Vray can also create realistic images but it takes a lot longer to render than twinmotion or D5. I recently found Brighter 3D, it’s also a great rendering engine faster and cheaper than vray, it also can take advantage of an RTX gpu, like all the previously mentioned.

For Enscape renders, I mostly make tile hatch patterns with joints using graphics program like
For cabinetry I make a dynamic block that has a hidden bounding box at full corners but the actual cabinet faces are inset 1/16" all around so that when two cabinet boxes are connected, there is still a joint for the rendering program.

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