How do you make a surface/ face on a slanted edge and trapezoid shape? (Image and file inserted.)


I’m trying to insert a face on the upper (red) portion of the side of this shape:

I’ve tried drawing lines and sticking another rectangle on it (slanting it, then trying to trim the extra corner by drawing a line or trying to separate the whole rectangle from the corner part, but I can’t make it work- a flaw on the part of my sketchup skills no doubt!)

The upper (lid/ roof) of the surface is slightly smaller than the base- and so the face I need to insert will be slanted.

Many thanks,

Naomi. (Table back part.skp (18.9 KB)

If you wish to fill in a face on the side (red portion in the image), then just draw the top horizontal edge. It may seem that the edge is already there but what you see belongs to a group, the horizontal face that forms the top.

Faces need all their bounding edges to be in the same context. Otherewise SketchUp can’t fill in a face.

@Wo3Dan, thank you for your response, thought it was probably much easier than all the solutions I was trying to create.

Using the various options of the scale tool could help you with these sorts of shapes.