How do you "invite" a user, thus earning the "Promoter" badge, and how to make bulleted lists?

I’ve just met a person who teaches SU in an architectural modeling course at a local community college. I expect that he has much that he could contribute to these forums. I checked and he’s NOT a current forum user - at least not under his IRL name!

Concurrent with my desire to reach out to him to join this community, I saw the “Promoter” badge - earned by “Inviting” a user to join us. What I can’t find is how, exactly, do you “Invite” a user in a way that qualifies for this badge!

Any ideas?

Just click “send an invite” at your profile.

Edit: some images:


Huh? My profile doesn’t show that button.

Hmmm … <pokes around the forums a bit> …found this Meta topic, which says you have to be Level 2 in order to:

Use the “Invite others to this topic” button for one-click onboarding of new users to participate in topics

:pensive: Hmmm indeed, seems I’m only level 1.

But … But … your picture shows the Invites button in the context of a users Profile, not in a topic!
<double checks Promoter badge description> which is too brief (“Invited a user”), so doesn’t answer my new question:

Are Invites invitations to outsiders to join this forum? Or are they a way to invite a community to join in on a particular topic? Or both?.

Since the User Level based restriction to topic invites may not also control the appearance of the “Invites” button in my profile, perhaps it’s time to check out the Discourse forum software help!

I’ll report back …

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If I click on “send an invite” I can enter an email address, so it’s meant to invite outsiders I think…


That’s the impression I got in my explorations. This means:

  • “send an invite” on your profile page sends a general invite to join this community to any email address
  • Topic specific invites (which require user level 2, which I don’t have yet) does a … what? It’s not a general invitation to someone not (yet) in the community.
  • These two invites are distinct
    Assuming I’m correct on the above, why don’t I have “Invites” on my profile page? Could this also be user level dependent?.

Note to self: I HAVE to seek out the Discourse documentation! Both for “Badges” and for a reference to the Markdown formatting available to make posts. I really wanted the bulleted list above to be indented, but couldn’t figure out
(on the fly, while composing this post) how to do it.

  1. write some text
  2. on more than one line
  3. select it all
  4. drag select to highlight then click one of the two buttons left of the A



What you suggest is exactly what I did to create the bulleted list. What it doesn’t do is what I really wanted - [quote=“sjdorst, post:5, topic:19035”]
I really wanted the bulleted list above to be indented

So what’s missing is the indentation.

test lists

  • bullet 1
  • bullet 2
  • bullet 3
  1. number 1
  2. number 2
  3. number 3

I’ve entered a combination of both lists, but there’s something wrong!?

  • you need to break the flow
  • between types of lists
  1. now
  2. try

there are other oddities lurking as well…


@sjdorst, please read the guidelines, especially about keeping on topic, and creating a new topic rather than yanking a thread off topic.

FAQ - SketchUp Community (See “Keeping It Tidy”.)

Do you want to discuss the Promoter Badge in this thread or markdown list features? The topic title should indicate the subject of the thread, and can be edited by Sages and the original poster.


This markdown thread has gone FAR beyond what I expected, and just before you quoted I was about to do just that … reply as a linked topic in order to move the markdown stuff off this Promoter Badge thread!

Two minds …

Official Discourse Markdown:


Too late now. John could have done that. Now it’ll take a Admin to move the bottom of the thread from John’s reply on down, to a new topic.


I went ahead and created the new topic using Reply as linked Topic.

Hopefully, people will stop discussing it here and will move over there!

Since @john_drivenupthewall and @Cotty wrote more about the lists and not @sjdorst maybe we should read the guidelines…
(I’m not sure if 4 posts about another problem really need another topic.)