How do you integrate specific furniture and materials?

Hello everyone!

When specific furniture and materials have been selected for a project, how do you prefer to integrate those into the 3D model/rendering?

For example, if a designer wants to include a particular sofa and coffee table that isn’t found in 3D Warehouse, would you create 3D models of these items, or add them later in Photoshop, or use another method?

Another example - if a designer wants to include a specific sofa with a different fabric pattern, how would you handle this?

One more example - a detailed floor tile has been specified, but a seamless texture isn’t available. Do you create a seamless texture in Photoshop first, or handle it another way?

I know everyone has a different workflow, so I’d love to hear about various methods.

Thanks in advance!

If having the specific items appear realistic in the model is required, I attempt to model them simply, for a rough estimate. That along with a photo supplement on the side usually does the trick.

For a tile, creating it in photoshop is super simple so I go that route for textures. I also try to keep file size as small as possible while still communicating what it should look like. Good thing about tiles is that they don’t have to be seamless… they have seams by definition.

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Sometimes it makes more sense to only imply specific materials on the furniture and show swatches in the document you supply to the client. Of course the whole process is easier with SketchUp Pro and LayOut but then you wouldn’t be using SketchUp Free if you are doing work for clients, either.

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