How do you Disable SketchUp and Enscape (Add-In) Update Notifications?


We have >50 SketchUp 2019 Pro users. Maybe half are beginning to use Enscape (Extension) for rendering. We use SCCM to deploy both. Within the last few weeks, both are prompting users to update, which we do NOT want to do. One user already updated Enscape, ended up with both versions installed, resulting in Enscape disappearing from the Extensions menu altogether. Users updating the software on their own can cause obvious problems for an administrator. Is there a way to disable these prompts for both Enscape and/or SU 2019?

Do you have a network license?

We have network and single user assignments.

A single user version update notification can be changed here :


You can’t [easily] disabled notifications about available updates for Extension downloaded/installed from EWH.
Note that SketchUcation downloaded Extensions only show as update-able in their ExtensionsManager³ dialog, leaving the choice to the user…

You could perhaps contact Enscape direct to see what they suggest…
Perhaps a direct download - sidestepping the EWH - is possible…
Note that you might need to delete some files in subfolders used by EWH to “spy” on your versions…

You can sidestep SketchUp update notifications as @Bep suggests.

Of course educating your staff would help :wink:

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Is there a way to deploy via SCCM? I have researched that, in earlier versions, there was a registry key that could be changed. Is there a similar, deployable solution?

Check this thread:

I saw that as well. But was under the impression that the json file gets set back to ‘true’ every time SU starts. I’ll give it a try though

I do not know what sccm does, does it image some beginstate for the user?

Enscape can be downloaded as an EXE file. It installs extensions into all the supported applications it finds (SketchUp, Archicad, Revit…)

So does the direct EXE installer add the EWH ‘spy’ files used to determine its version and recommend an update ?

It has a little file called version, somewhere in the AppData, perhaps that is used to compare with the latest…

I haven’t investigated what it really does but at the moment I get update notifications when I open any application that supports Enscape so all the plugins must contain code that calls home from time to time. I am not sure if Enscape also installs something that launches on computer startup.

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