How do you adjust texture placement over multiple faces?

I have a corrugated tin roof made up of multiple faces. I don’t want to do to each face and adjust the texture position…that would take forever. I want to adjust the texture (rusty tin image) over the entire object. But Texture-Position option only appears if I choose a single face. Is there a way? Thanks.

Once you have it positioned on a single surface, try right clicking, choosing Texture, then checking Projected. Then, use the Paint Bucket to sample that surface and paint it onto the other surface. It should spread the image across all of the surfaces, as if they were continuous.

…just guessing on the exact final product you are looking for… But I think this will help!

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You should have a look at Fredo6s ThruPaint too.

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Similar technique will work also without checking “projected”. I think it should be better for sloped roofs.


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