How do i transfer the models I'm working on from the old computer to the new computer?

So I’m downloading Sketchup on a new computer, and i have Models on my old computer that I’m still working on. How can i take my files and models from the old computer and use it on the newly downloaded Sketchup on the new computer?

Save your models to a flash drive then download from the flash drive to the new computer. Are the models on the old computer made with the same version of SU on the new computer?

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Having seen file corruption for the flakiest reasons in the past I always recommend compressing SKP files to a ZIP before emailing them or transferring them to a USB drive. It’ll make them quite a bit smaller and guarantee they don’t become corrupt.

My preferred sharing method for SketchUp files is a Dropbox folder which I work from and I then just make sure I close SketchUp when I leave my computer so that it syncs properly to the cloud, then I open it at my new computer and carry on as if nothing changed.

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