How do i tell Layout that this Line is X amount of Centimeter/inches?

Im new to layout and I Need to do some elevations for a design. Im bringing an elevation drawing into Layout and I just want to be able to dictate the dimensions. For some reason i cant figure it out.

How are you “bringing” it in? Do you have a viewport in your layout Doc that corresponds to a saved scene in your SketchUp file?

Upload your Layout file for the quickest and best advice.

Im bringing in a render from another application. Sketchup wasnt used at all. So im pasting it as a jpeg/png at the moment into the paper…does that make any sense ?

Im gonna try to create an example and upload it, as my current one is work related.

Template-K-1-example.layout (444.2 KB)

Here’s the example file. (Also note how for some reason the measurements go backwards…but im willing to manually fix that if there’s no fix.)