How do I switch off 'group' setting when I open a new Layout file?

How do I switch off ’ group’ setting when I open a new Layout file?

What do you mean by ‘group’ setting in LayOut?

Group setting in the toolbar

Can you show an example of what you are seeing? I don’t see a ‘group’ setting in the LayOut toolbar.This is what I see.

Untitled.layout (565.9 KB)

I’m still not sure what you mean by ‘group’ setting in the toolbar. The toolbars aren’t part of a LayOut project file.

I do see that you have the grid set to be displayed on top of everything else. Is that something you want?

Setting out plan~.layout (55.0 KB)

I see this in your latest upload. There’s a Scaled drawing group in it.

This doesn’t seem to be getting us any closer to understanding what the ‘group’ setting in the toolbar is, though. Your LayOut files don’t show the toolbar you are seeing.

HI Dave,
I don’t know how to show you the toolbar which has…’ ungroup’ and ‘group’ and I can’t turn off the ’ group’ box , so when I want to erase 1 line, all lines are deleted.

If you don’t have a group, there’d be nothing to ungroup. Maybe you need to use the Split tool to separate the two lines. The Split tool looks like a knife blade. Get it and click on the intersection of the two lines to separate the. Then erase the one you don’t want. It’ll help if you turn on Object Snapping so the tool will snap to the corner or intersection.

Thanks I appreciate that, but when I open the layout file, the toolbar indicates that all items are ‘grouped’ - i don’t want them grouped

As I wrote before the only group is a Scaled Drawing. Here I’ve pulled it away from the rest of the drawing. I found a second one buried under everything else on the On Every Page Layer. It’s shown highlighted in maroon.

There are no other groups on that page.

I’ve customized the toolbar to add the Group and Ungroup buttons. The box around the Group button indicates that the selection could be grouped.If you are selecting stuff that isn’t grouped, Ungroup won’t be available.

Thanks Dave for your patience, I’ll give it another go.
Kind Regards

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Good luck.

When drawing a line or adding lines to an existing line, the default setting is ‘Autojoin’ which means it is treated as one element. This behavior can be turned of by rightclicking when the line tool is active (or assign a shortcut)
Lines can be straight or curved, take a straight turn, etc. but when ‘joined’ are considered as one element.

The rectangle tool draws four lines that are always automatically joined, but they can be ‘split’ by the ‘knife tool (split), resulting in multiple lines
You need two ‘splits’ to divide a rectangle in two elements.

This isn’t the same as ungrouping, though, if you group the two elements, you are only nesting two elements in a higher level.
Gluing, on the other hand, will merge them back in one element.