How do I simplify this stencil?

I originally wanted to use ‘image trimmer’ to create a stencil to ultimately create a cut out of a tree for a project. In the end for some reason it wasn’t working, so I spent a long time using the line, hand draw tool to trace over the image physically. Once i was finished and cleaned up the edges I tried to use it on a mesh to create a cutout of this stencil. However all my SketchUp does is buffer and then not respond. I am assuming because my stencil is very detailed - is there a way of simplifying my model?

Link to model: Dropbox - sycamore tree sketchup file~.skp - Simplify your life

Yesterday I showed you how to simplify an object with the help of Fredo Curvizard extension.

You could have used Inkscape for that.


I have tried to use the Fredo Curvizard extension but an error message keeps popping up.

It is a shape with many details, select it on small parts, not all at once.

When I clean up the contours my mesh in the middle disappears which I need.

Once you’re done with simplification, you’ll create the face again.