Fredo Bezier help

Hello …
I am using SU 16.0.19912 64-bit
Windows 10 Home
12GB Ram

I am slow, but I can get around SU to do a little.
I use Inkscape to draw vector images.
I wish that those vector images could be imported to SU.
Doesn’t look like they can.
So, I am trying to figure out Bezier lines in SU.
I have the Fredo Classic Bezier Curve extension.
I want to try to learn this properly.
What I want to do is simple.
I want to plot out the outline of something like a leaf, such as a maple leaf.
I want to be able to click out all the points sort of like tracing.
Then go back and make curves out of the straight lines.
Is there an easy way to do this?
I know with some practice, one can make curves as you go around the leaf.
Which Fredo Bezier tool is best for what I want to do?
Are there other ways?
Any tutorials that would be good to look at?
I would appreciate any suggestions.

Can you share what you’re working with for the maple leaf pattern? Of the top of my head I’m thinking a Catmull Spline from the tool might be appropriate.

You don’t say if you are using SketchUp 2016 Pro or Make. If Pro, you could export a vector file from Inkscape and import that. If Make, you’d have to import a raster image but you could export an image file that could be imported for tracing.

Please fill complete your profile with the correct info as that helps us help you. I’m sure your computer’s operating system is not “Layers by Joe Zeh” and your graphics card is not “Retired.”

I would do the profile, but not sure how to get there.
I’ll go back and look for it.
What am I working on?
Well, I’m a woodworker and I am making Adirondack chairs.
However, the back of the chair takes a left turn!
I have several friends who want this, and it is fun for me to build.
The back of the Adirondack chair will be cut out in the shape of a marijuana leaf. Challenging project, but it is what I do!
I do not have PRO. Just your plain jane SU 2016.
I could import a raster, but I could not modify it (I don’t think I can).
I’ll look for the profile.
And thanks for getting back with me …

Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the forum window and then the gear icon. You should see where you can edit your profile from there.

That doesn’t sound especially comfortable but if your friends like it… :smiley:

You could import it as an image and then trace it with the various drawing tools.

An alternative to tracing an imported image would be to create a silhouette of the leaf in black with a transparent background. Then save it as a PNG. Import that image into SketchUp and use TIG’s Image Trimmer (from Sketchucation) to trace the shape and create a face you can use on your Adirondack chair.

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The idea on the back of the chair was to make it into pieces top to bottom, to give some curvature. Maybe split the leaf into halves.
It will be challenge, but fun …
I’ll keep working at it.
I would like to learn more about Bezier.

I expect it will be.

Start here and look at the documentation.

I got the profile fixed up.
I wondered where you got the layers by Joe Zeh.
I’ve used his extension, but not sure how that got put in my profile.
No matter, fixed …

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Dave asked for some images to help understand what you need. Here I have taken about 30 seconds to trace a standard leaf with the classic bezier curve tool, but if you want something more curvaceous then there would be better options from within the tool selection.

So Giving us an image from inkscape of what you are after would help us show you how best to work with it.

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This is what I am trying to draw in SU.
Then I can resize and cut up in such a way to get a decent curve on the back.


I was able to go from raster to vector to dxf while using this tutorial.

Hopefully it’ll work for you


A lot depends on how you want to use the SU file, if you are going to export it for cnc then you would want to be very accurate, but if you are using it for basic concept/structure you could be fairly simple.
I’m not at my PC so can’t show you what I mean just now.
As Dave mention, the Catmull tool will allow you a pretty good trace of the points of the leaves.
However, to get the full detail of the ‘points’ you might want to go as far as classic bezier on each part.
Personally I would trace the leaf with the line tool, then use Fredo’s Curvisard to smooth the edges into one smoothed curve.

If I was going to make this I would determine the basic arcs of the leaves then hand sketch the shape with a pencil.

I’m travelling for a few days.

Will take a look when I get back.

I have to understand the .dxf parf.

Isn’t that AutoCad? I’ll figure it out.

No matter, thanks for the help.



I am not using this to cut CNC.
I just want to model in SU.
Maybe print out an outline of the leaf and then cut it on the bandsaw.
I know. A lot of work for what I need.
I just want to learn SU a little better so I can model projects.
I want to thank you guys for your thoughts.

I am on a Mac but I would hope the same workflow would be on Windows.

I hope this helps

Regarding a related bezier item. I installed su_bezier but wasn’t something I could use. When I go into Extension Manager manager there is no way to uninstall, only a white box with red frame indicating uninstall and similar box to update. In Ext Mgr home the box is yellow saying TRUST?. How do I uninstall please? TIA

Maybe the most straightforward way would be to navigate to User/App Data/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2017/Plugins and delete the file.

Don’t want to risk hijacking original thread but nothing seems straightforward on my machine using win10. I’ve tried 9 ways from Sunday to locate the path you describe but no luck. I’ve seen the User/AppData before but can’t find now. I used computers search function starting in This PC using term User/AppData and Users/AppData but both come up blank. Manually went into Windows (C:) where there’s a Users folder which contains 3 folders which all contain Roaming and all point to Intel which leads to Wireless then all are empty. Also tried Windows (C:) > windows but no U’s at all to find User. I know there is a Roaming folder but a search turns up a blank also. So I don’t know. Have always been disliking this laptop. Makes me feel like a computer newbie lol

It’s a hidden directory. Make it unhidden. “User” in the path is your user login. On the computer I’m at right now, the path is my full name/App Data/…

Success! It was hidden but there was another /Sketchup/ in the path also (one before and after SketchUp 2017) but got it figured out.

We may now return to our original thread in progress.

Thanks Dave

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