How do I remove access to cloud storage?

My IT-security department have blocked the install of Sketchup Pro unless I can demonstrate that I am not able to store documents on the cloud server.
Other functionality such as licence verification and the 3D warehouse are acceptable but my business does not allow employees un-regulated access to cloud storage from its systems. This seems reasonable for any business that has IP it wants to protect.
Is there a way I can block this? Either through closing a port or an IT admin menu option for instance?

If your IT is the admin for your SketchUp subscription, then they have access to Trimble Connect’s cloud storage, which is the system that allows access the any kind of cloud storage.
So they would be able to see what you have access to.

Trimble Connect Account Admin Dashboard User Guide

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You might wanna share this as well:

You don’t have to use it, btw but the business plan comes with the subscription model.


Thanks for the reply, does this mean that they can restrict the usage or just keep an eye on any information in the folders? I assume they would like to be sure that company data was only on company systems so management of access to cloud storage would be ideal but sight of whether I was using it MAY be a consideration