How do I placemultiple components in a straight line?

As per the attached and image below. I am wondering if there is a shortcut to put components in a straight line, along the tape measure guide shown? When rotating the objects manually it is very difficult to put them accurately along the line.

18-12-18 Conceptual Development Site Plan.skp (934.6 KB)

The manual way would be to drag each by its corner to snap on that line and then from the same corner rotate and use the inferencing to align to the line…

or maybe this plugin?

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When I do this step, it will not fix the object to the line.
Minimum angle is 0.1.
Please see below:


If you use the move tool and click on the corner of the building it should then snap to the construction line when you move it there. Then with the protractor on the same point click to set rotation point. Then selecting anywhere on the line or the adjacent corner of the building, that should also snap to the line?

Attached your version where its aligned.
As the construction line is “off main axes” the color by axis style wont help verify, but you could reset the axes as a way to ensure they are aligned.
18-12-18 Conceptual Development Site Plan2.skp (944.3 KB)

It works for me.

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Very lucky. Mine wouldn’t snap to the line. It went just below or above.

Well I did it with your model so not sure what to tell you.
You could try turning off length and angle snapping.
Window/Model Info/Units