Aligning components problem

Is there an easy way to align components? I have 2 components that need to be aligned then joined/merged to become one object for 3D printing, but cannot seem to get the alignment correct, please see attached file
Vacuum Adaptor.skp (673.1 KB)

I would have modeled them in place next to each other instead of modeling them separately but, at this point you can use the Move and Rotate tools to straighten out the ring to align it to the other part. Then grab a vertex on the edge of the ring and move it to correspond with a vertex on the cone.

An easier route would be to bring in copies of each from the In Model components and align them.

I expect you want the ring oriented opposite to the way you modeled it. Rotating it with the Move tool is easy enough, though.
If that’s the desired orientation, setting the components axis alignment correctly would make it come in with the required alignment.

If I were modeling these parts I would have modeled them centered on the origin with one on top of the other. I would have also set the components’ origins to the centers to make alignment easier. Maybe like this. In this case modeled as separate objects so the ring could be used with other terminal end designs.

Are you still using SketchUp 2016 as indicated in your forum profile? If you were using 2023 or 2024 you could also add snap points so they would snap together.

BTW, I see that the ring’s circles have different numbers of sides and they aren’t aligned on axis. To you really want the model printed that way?

Do you want this to be one piece when printed? Is there a reason to have the cone portion and the ring as separate components?

I am using 2024 Pro, how would i create snap points?

The ring came as a separate import, as did the coe/funnel part


Please update your forum profile. It says you’re using 2016.

Open the component for editing and right click in it. Choose the function to add snap points.

So you got them from somewhere else?

FWIW, when I model for 3D printing I set units to meters and model as if millimeters are meters. That allows me to create smoother curves and circles.

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