How do I overlay a pencil sketch in Plan View?


I’ve done a quick pencil sketch for a stage floorplan and now want to find a way to transparently overlay the scanned JPG over my Sketchup Floorplan in order to make the pieces fit. Forgive the newb question, but how can I do that? When I try to Match New Photo, it of course flips my SU floorplan to Front View. Argh, the joys of not having enough time to prep properly…

Thanks for your help!


Import the JPG as an Image.
It’ll be laid flat on the ground as an ‘underlay’.
Scale the Image to the expected size.
Lock it so it can’t be accidentally moved or deleted.
Now you can work over the top of it…
Use Xray mode if you need to see through objects…


TIG has given you good advice. Match Photo is for importing perspective photographs not plan sketches.


Thank you!