How do I not add a block colour to window and niche?

Hello I have created a window and niche and tried to add colour to them but they both just add a block colour. I want to colour in each panel as have various colours needed. Is there a way to do this and why is this happening? I am on a Mac and using Sketchup Pro 23. Thanks

Share your SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve done and tell you how to fix it.

Please correct your forum profile, then. SketchUp for Schools is a web based application of children. It is not SketchUp Pro.

I can see that you have a lot of back faces exposed, if you are painting a group or component, all the geometry or nested groups inside of it will be painted with the same material, you must get inside the group or component and paint either the groups you want to have the same material or go deeper and paint the geometry. If you share the file we could help you to fix it.

Select the group and then go to edit mode. Individual faces can then have a color applied.

Sketchup doesn’t have an object mode or edit mode like blender.

With all respect, it’s not good to give advices that could confuse more to new users that come here in search of solutions for their Sketchup problems.

SketchUp is different than Blender,

Double click the group or component to open it for editing.

Then, you can put colors on faces and even on edges if you want.

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I am quite new to Sketchup so thank you for your help. I drew the window inside the frame. Should I have created it as a component first and moved it in? If I try and create the window as a component now it just highlights the whole face so I can’t seem to make it a group or component.

Being new to this I have made an error of not making the window a group or component.I just drew it in side the frame. I did actually try to create the window separately before but couldn’t move it properly in to place.

So would the best action be to create a window on it’s own, make it a component and then add it in to frame?

Sorry - I probably sound really daft! Just learning as I go! Thanks.

Yes, you must make group or component right after modeling any element, otherwise you’ll have the issue you’re having, all the geometry will be glued to each other, some times is easier to model everything again than trying to fix a messy model. Also the blue faces shouldn’t be seen, they’re back faces, only white faces must be shown.

Can you share the file?

I can share it with you. How do I do this please please?

Sketchup does not have an EDIT MODE?

I select a group then select edit group and apply color and texture to a face hundreds of times each week.

What are you talking about?

Thats not the same than edit mode, that’s editing a group or component. Blender has a different way of modeling, there´s edit mode, object mode, sculpt mode and some other modes depending of the kind of work you want to do, each mode has a different interface with different tools, on SketchUp you only have one interface where you can model, sculpt, if you have the plugin to do that, apply textures, draw or whatever you want to do.

SketchUp, let say always in “edit mode”, just your phrasing is not so good. :wink:

It is called editing context.

If the user has double-clicked on for editing (opened for editing from context menu) the components/groups (or nested components/groups ) then it is the actual editing context. As you more or less described! :+1:
Otherwise the model (root) is the default editing context.

Thanks for adding clarity.

You did when you said that the OP must go to edit mode, a feature that SketchUp doesn’t have.