Individual Groups shading / colours in 2d plan

Hi, I’d love to see if its possible to shade / colour entire groups. Even make them watermark or coloured.
Eg I have 2d plan.
I want the ground floor to be somewhat shaded/watermark effect including the lines if possible. So that the 1st storey sits on top nice and clear to read.
Cant seem to find any answers yet.
I can change the styles of the entire file, but not individual groups.

You can apply materials to the faces and edges in your model and then set the edge color in the style to By Material.

You cannot apply different styles simultaneously within a drawing. You can achieve this kind of look in a way by coloring groups transparent including their edges as DaveR suggests. There are also some tricky ways to get cool effects using color by layer or by placing semi transparent planes (like white-frosted glass) in the right place to cover areas behind it.

But most serious users would achieve the look I think you are describing in Sketchups companion 2D program Layout by stacking two viewports of the same model on top of each other with different styles. It’s not clear from your personal info what version ypu are using. You say make, and Desktop and 19 which does not exist. If you are using pro 19 then layout is a great place to try this. Otherwise you could do it manually in an image editor.

thank you both I’ll look into that

What is a good intro tutorial to watch on SketchUp Campus so one can learn how to use colours within SketchUp Pro, to shade/colour in chosen groups, components?

What is it you’re looking to do/learn?

To start, need basic application of different colours (and to be able to adjust shades of the colours available) to various groups within my drawings. For example, in designing a flatweave rug, specific areas of the (mainly two dimensional) design need to be filled in or coloured, to indicate what colour thread is to be used in the manufacture of the rug.

So just how to use the built in material editor? Or something more? Do you need to know how to apply those colors? How do you specify the colors to the manufacturer? Are you using Pantone or RAL or some other color system? If so, would it be easier if you just have a library of those standard colors?