How do I measure lenght of a curve?

Once I have drawn a curve (can be composed of say a circular radius, a straight line and a bezier curve), how can I find out how long it measures?

On behalf of @jody, I must protest the misuse of this category.

As the description of this category clearly states, it is for users to post tutorials or demos proactively on how to do something; it is not for users to ask how something is done: that is the province of the other categories. C’mon, @lrheimpel, get with the program. C’mon, @Shep, don’t reinforce undesirable behaviors.


So me asking a question to resolve a problem I have and someone answering is “misuse” of this category? I don’t understand?

Hi @lrheimpel
This section of the forum is for users to provide tutorials (like a solution chapter at the end of a text book). I don’t think it was intended for people to ask questions (that’s the point of the general section of this forum). Yes we’ll answer this question, but sometimes not all questions are abled to be answered so then this section will just be a pile of answered and unanswered questions. And we want this section to just be answers to questions or future questions.

As for your question, you can explode your curve and then select the lines you want to know, RIght-Click-> Entity Info
*You need to explode the curve first to separate all the segments to be counted individually, otherwise Entity Info will provide the radius to the curve.

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Thank you for explaining @quantj

I will post subsecuent questions on SketchUp category

If I may suggest something, changing the name of this category from “How to” to “How to tutorials” could be helpful. When I saw how to I thought this was the place to ask how to do x or y.


I agree. “How To Tutorials” will be more descriptive and less confusing for future users.

Gully’s point and my failing is that this Category was intended to be a place where explicit instructions to achieve things are posted, rather than solicitations about how to do things. I’ve renamed the Category “Tutorials” and moved this thread over to SketchUp which is technically correct.

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