How do I make unwanted axis guides go away

Now that I have a model completed (sort of), I find I have five “guides” (axis indicators?) that are way out of line with my drawing. I can’t find any loose geometry but that’s not to say there is none there. I’d like to know how to get rid of these. I’ve attached a screenshot.

Thanks in advance

Window>Model Info>Components. Untick the box for showing component axes.

I should have showed you that the other day.

Thanks Dave.
And I meant to ask about it. But what about the component axes that are apparently meaningless to my model? They are way out in front and below. Plus there is one all by itself.

Look at your components. I think you started with larger components and made them smaller. Part of it is some unneeded nesting, too. Remember to explode those excess component/group “wrappers”. Send me the model if you want.

OK, I’ll send it to you. At this point I don’t think it’s anything to “worry” about only from the standpoint of “How did I do this?”.

Thanks again.
Jeff.3 Dwr Base cabinet 3DB36.skp (481.4 KB)

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Those axis lines hanging out in space are from those drawer glide components you got from the 3D Warehouse.

Did you notice that the case pieces have been exploded? It’s all one lump of geometry now.

That answers that.
Thanks Dave. I appreciate your help, always!

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