How do I make slanted ceilings?

Hi there, I am making a rectangular building except for every time I try to make a slanted ceiling (like on top of houses and churches), it messes up the rest of my design. How can I do this?

Why don’t you give a little more information so folks can help you better. Screenshots are a good start, or you can just share the whole skp file so we can look at your problem. There is a button to upload files directly to the post. The two sentences you’ve written just aren’t enough to understand what you’re asking, unless someone in the community is better at remote mind-reading than I am.

is it possible that you are not grouping or making components, as raw geometry sticks and would “mess” your design. Grouping Geometry | SketchUp Help

plus check out how to use “layers” Controlling Visibility with Tags | SketchUp Help. in case you have assigned raw geometry instead of a group or component to a layer, Otherwise you may have hidden geometry sticking and influencing the outcome


As @pcmoor says, you may not be Grouping elements and because of the “sticky” nature of SU, when you move one thing, it can distort something else. When drawing a house, it would be normal to have the walls in one Group (or more than one, such as external walls and internal walls, or ground floor walls and first floor walls) and the roof in another. When Groups are joined together they do not distort other geometry. Getting used to Grouping things almost as soon as the first part of them is drawn is something you get used to doing as second nature if you are a frequent user.

BTW, I presume by “slanted” you mean pitched (as opposed to flat or barrel, say).

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