Ground floor has moved on top of the walls

Hi, I have redrawn the floor after turning off the walls, but or some reason it is now showing raised up to the same height as the walls.

I would be very grateful if anyone can help.

4thattempt.skp (214.7 KB)

It would help if you upload the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

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As @DaveR said, sharing your model will let us examine what’s going on. From your image it looks like you drew the floor at the height of the wall, not at the bottom.

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Oh i see, well that makes sense, I turned off the walls and set 2D by selecting top view

Setting the camera to top view in parallel projection does not turn the drawing into 2D. It’s still 3D you just can’t see the Z direction because it’s coming straight at you.

I’m looking at your file and I still can’t tell quite what you did get into this pickle.

I see you are attempting to use groups and tags, that’s great. But this file is a bit of a mess with many small errors in the geometry, unfortunately, you might be better off starting over. I see what looks like two separate wall geometry sets, is that intentional?

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I would group together the floor geometry that is at the top of the walls (without the tail edge that is attached to it) and then move it straight down the blue axis to the ground plane.

You do seem to have a lot of nested groups within your wall assembly. It looks like you are on the right track… maybe just simplify your organizational method. For example, keeping all of your external walls within one Group if appropriate.

Also, be sure to only put Groups and Components onto Tags. Putting faces and edges onto Tags can create a mess if you aren’t really intentional about your method. A good way to fix this quickly is to use Cleanup by ThomThom. There is a function to move geometry to Layer0 (Untagged).

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If you group the inside of an off-set figure first, it ‘steals’ the bounding edges from the larger figure and become ‘glued to’ it.
The underlying larger figure doesn’t have the ‘inner’ bounds and so the group will follow if you pull it up.


Hi, thanks for looking, yes it is a bit of a mess, after i pulled up the walls to 2.4m which worked ok, then i tried to pull up the window openings up to cill height but then realized i had not made the floor slab so it wouldn’t let me so i tried to create the floor and that cause the problem.

Thanks for explaining the problems, I will try using ThomThom and try implementing your other suggestions.

Thanks for showing your example, it really helps and makes complete sense.

Thanks for your great video, it really shows the problem exactly.

Keep in mind that you can use copy and paste in place when working with groups.
Here you see I make the floor slab and before making it a group I copy the top face, then after grouped I paste the face back on top to give me the start for the walls.
Group on group


Absolutely brilliant, thanks very much, its easy to understand seeing your video as well.

Hello again, I cannot work out how to fix the file, it does not recognizing as solid, the error message says nested instances, I have exploded it and cleared all groups and it worked a few hours ago but i cannot understand how to go about finding the cause of the problem.
21st latest.skp (226.0 KB)

For something to be a solid it must have volume, so all faces must have thickness and generally their internal empty spaces should hold water that a fish can swim though without encountering an obstruction.
Your structure has a single face bottom and two separately enclosed spaces.
So you need to give the bottom face thickness and connect the two other empty spaces to the bottoms new empty space.
Here’s a quick demo of one way.

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Thanks for explaining the problem, really appreciated, after making a copy of the bottom face and extruding it some thickness, is it possible to add this to the existing rather than redrawing the entire model ?21st latest.skp (217.9 KB)
My latest model shows the slab on the outside wall which has depth to the line showing i thought ?

You have one pair of windows as a separate group, cut and paste into the main group and explode to get those faces into place.
I’m not sure why you keep using parallel projection and x-ray, and now hidden line, they make it hard to see what is happening.
Stick with perspective and Monochrome and only use x-ray when specifically needed.

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Thanks very much, helped me greatly, thanks also for posting an animation makes it easy to understand, i know now why the shades and color kept changing, didn’t really know what settings i should be using. Why is it necessary to cut and paste before exploding as i thought it ungroups everything anyway, but obviously not ?

If you explode it where it is the faces will be outside the context of the main group.

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23rd .skp (192.1 KB)

Hi, should it be possible to turn off the walls and just show the floor slab ? it seems to be only visible if the walls are selected ?