How do I make Components menu full screen on 2nd monitor?

I rely heavily on my Components library, but have always found it to be awkwardly small…
Is there a way to “maximize” Components menu on a second monitor (for Windows 10)?


It’s a while since I tried to organise frequently used trays with my multi monitor setup. The way the trays work could be improved imo.

Quick response: an AutoHotKey script might be able to help in your case…

Assuming the tray separated from the rest of them ,you should be able to hover over the bottom edge to generate an arrow, drag it down

You could certainly move the tray off to a second monitor if you want and make it fill the display. The Large Thumbnail setting is the largest you can display them, though. I suppose you could monkey with the display resolution to make them appear larger on that screen if you want.

I’m not an AutoHotKey expert but the following code works for me…

#IfWinActive ahk_exe sketchup.exe

DetectHiddenWindows, On

;Set a hotkey
^+F12::align_tray() ;ctrl + shift + F12

; Function: align_tray()
WinMove, Materials,,-2560,0,2560,1440


The materials tray needs to be already open and floating.

Pressing ctrl + shift + F12 moves the materials tray to my left monitor (the main SketchUp area is on the middle monitor)…

-2560, 0 are the coordinates of the top left of left monitor and 2560, 1440 is the monitor size.

Can anyone point me to a tutorial on how to import this code?
I am a beginner at loading code…

Autohotkey is a keyboard macro program, this code is for that, not for sketchup.

Use a text editor to write your AHK code and save with a .ahk extension.

Run the .ahk file when you need to use the script or put the .ahk file in your startup folder…

Also check this extension:

Thank you Jack!

You can just open the component folder as a folder in the second monitor and drag the files right into SketchUp.

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Fantastic tip. I had no idea. Thank you.