How do I join (snap) together different components


I’m a newbie at Sketchup but trying to learn.

I’m trying to make one box out of one 8x4 sheet of OSB. I’ve created the different components but am unsure how I can accurately join them all together. Similar to 'snap to grid in MS Powerpoint.

I clicked on two components and selected ‘Join’ in the Tools section but it said something about one component not being a solid object. I’ve no idea what that means but it’s driving me nuts.

Please help.

Grab a corner of one component that has a location on the neighboring component and move the cursor until the cursor snaps to the destination point.

I find a better modeling method is to model the components in place so you don’t spend a lot of time moving and rotating the components to get them into place. This also means that you can use the components you’ve already made as a reference for modeling the next parts. That way you don’t need to know every single dimension in order to model it.

Are you really using SketchUp 8 Pro as indicated in your profile?

When I select the component it highlights the border in red but doesn’t snap together. The cursor doesn’t move it only the ‘move’ tool.

I’ve borrowed the laptop but it states it Sketchup pro. Why do you ask?

That would indicate that the component has been locked. Right click on it and choose Unlock.

Knowing the actual version number is useful because some features have changed or been added over the years. For example, if it’s really SketchUp 8 we’ll know not to give you instructions for features that don’t exist in that version.

Nope, it’s not locked because the only option it gives is ‘lock’.

It’s version 8

Maybe the style was set up to show selected entities in red. Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got without guessing.

Only if you promise not to laugh😂

Where’s the option to Upload the skp file?

Juat drag and drop the file into a reply.

Box for TTRR Trailer.skp (50.2 KB)

Ah cheers.

If you are seeing the selected components highlighted in red, I think you’ve got a graphics card problem. They show blue as expected. Your OSB texture is not correct either.

For some reason you’ve double wrapped one of these. That just makes your work harder.

I would also recommend leaving the application of textures until the model geometry is basically complete.

Moving the components:

You should start here.


Thank you so much for your help. I know it’s basics but it’s something I don’t use very often.

I’m getting the hang of locking components into place now.

You must be right about the graphics card. It’s a crappy Radeon thing. I didn’t get these problems on my Desktop PC.

Or using a style with a red highlight colour.

Yeah. That could be an option but not in the case.

Because that was a long time ago in Sketchup time, my 2017 is way out of date. The 2008 version surprises me that it works.

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I have Sketchup 3.1 installed on this computer and it works fine.

There is an excellent extension called Snap To. It is especially good if you have a library of components that you use regularly.

You can best components