How do I install the latest version of dynamic components?


My native language is spanish, so I think you call dynamic components to the feature that permits its user to create furniture out of nothing, right? I need it to make kitchen furniture :frowning:
There is no video on how to install it as it is so new, and I think I should get the feature from the page of melamina3D.



If you have Pro, then the Dynamic Component abilities are automatically enabled - fully .
But in non-pro versions you can only ‘interact’ with DCs - but not ‘make’ them.



There are many help forums and posts about DCs…
You need to search / Google…



This seems like a misunderstanding. “Dynamic Components” is an extension that is included with SketchUp Make and Pro. A Dynamic Component (DC) is a SketchUp Component with various special attributes on it that tell the DC extension how the Component is supposed to work. A DC is somewhat like a parametric model, in that the user can input required attributes (e.g. number of steps in a staircase, length of a table, etc.) and the DC will redraw to fit those attributes. But a DC does only what its creator programmed into it. The extension doesn’t know how to draw anything on its own.

To use DC’s for kitchen furniture you have two choices. You can search the Trimble 3D Warehouse (or other sources) for furniture models that are DCs and that are like what you want, then set their parameters to customize them. Or, you can develop your own to do whatever you want. As @TIG has written, there are various forums and posts that discuss creating DCs. Just be aware that it is a kind of programming and has some confusing aspects that you will need to figure out.



First of all, thanks for your quick responses.
In second place, yes, I was confused, dynamic components was not the thing I was refering to, in spanish its called sistema matriz, it has various preloaded furniture that you can adjust its dimensions, number of doors, number of shelves, etc to suit your needs and its reeally easy to use, I do not think I can cope with sort-of-programming.
If you want, and if the forum rules permits it, I can supply a youtube video :slight_smile:



Probably the most important Spanish word on the internet (and the only I know) is “descarga”, and so I found on Melamina3D:
Sistema Matriz 2019