How do I get the Windows version through parallel on my Mac?

I am running SketchUp on a Mac but like to run it in parallel Windows instead because I will also be running Aspire software. When I open SketchUp in windows with parallel, I still get the Mac version. How do I get the Windows version through parallel?

Fill out your profile so we know what Mac OS and what hardware you are on. Have you downloaded the windows version of SketchUp and installed it on the partition of the drive that you have allocated to parallels?
I did at one time run SketchUp in parallels but that was years ago. It was not fantastic.

I hear mixed results running parallels on M1 or M2.

You launch a windows virtual machine in Parallels, download the Windows installer there, right-click the installer and choose “run as administrator”. Once it finishes installing you launch SketchUp like any other Windows app.

Note that running SketchUp under a VM is not officially supported, so you won’t get help from them on case of issues.

Thank you very much for the reply


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Am I better of just getting a pc with windows because I will also run the aspire software that does not have a Mac version

I would do that.

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Thank you DaveR

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In this situation… Yes