How do I get rid of clipping in large models?

I created a sky dome because I don’t know how to change the sky into an image. This massively increases the model size, and in this video you can see extreme clipping until I delete the sky dome at 16s. I already tried Camera>Zoom Extents (Pro Version) but it didn’t help. Obviously in this case the sky needs to be as displayed. Any suggestions?

That means that what you have created is too large for SketchUp to display. Remember, SketchUp is intended to create building sized models. If you want to push it, you can model neighborhoods. If you are hoping to model planet sized objects, you need to scale things down. Modeling at this scale puts geometry too far from the origin and will cause problems with your model, one of which is clipping.

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My experiments today showed me that clipping occurs at 0.01% size compared to the outer limits of your project. I think this is a distance limit coded into OpenGL. I shrunk my project down to a 100km radius and now clipping occurs at 10m. I thought the solution for modelling small things like a living room required me to switch to Parallel Camera mode, but the controls were impossible, so I decided to make each little apartment a group, and rescale it when modifying, then shrinking it back down.