How do I get my furniture to be lighter than my walls in layout

I’d like my furniture to be faded out and my walls to show clearly. I’ve played around a couple of different ways, but couldn’t find a way to do it. I tried to stack my viewports but either my walls were on top and I couldn’t see my furniture or with fog(Sketchup) / shape with semi transparent fill(Layout), the walls were foggy too. I can’t draw a shape around the furniture b/c they are too detailed. Anyone?

Can you share your LO file so we can see what you are working with? I expect there’s a simple enough solution.

What version of SketchUp/LayOut are you using? Your profile says 2018 Free (web) which would mean you haven’t got access to LayOut at all.

I’m using Sketchup pro 2021 (I updated my profile too). I’m uploading the file, I hope it’s okay that it contains a lot of irrelevant scenes. Working on page 2. I want to get elevations for the electrician to mark down( by pen) where the electrical outlets/jacks/stuff will go. he has to see where the furniture will be but end up with a clear enough wall view. Thanks.

The file size is too big, how do I upload it?

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Thanks for updating your profile. That info is helpful to us when you need help.

The file is here

Would this work?

It’s the elevation drawings I’m struggling with, and the furniture would have to be way lighter. Thanks for working on it.

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I made two viewports, one with only the furniture visible, using a dashed linestyle, and a second, on top, with the rest. Both using Vector rendering.

With LO2021 you don’t need to explode the viewport to display the entourage at 0.2 and light gray line color. Just set it for the entourage’s tag(s). Top one is straight out of SU. The bottom one is a couple of stacked viewports. The rear viewport is shaded with textures and the front one is Hidden line rendered as Hybrid.

Connection to the SketchUp model is retained so if the entourage gets moved or exchanged for different entourage, updating the reference is all that is required. I rotated the chairs in the model, saved, and updated the reference in LO. Simple!

Ya know…having literally just installed LO 2021…I did look for such an option/glad to see it exists and negates exploding…thanks for the tip Dave!

I think OP wanted to be able to “see through” furnishings…so in examples shown you would see all brick faces/joints beyond furniture.(so maybe hidden line/vector only)

The see through furnishings could be done. In my example the background is pretty busy and would cause some confusion. I was just using a model file I had on hand instead of making one for the job. The furnishings in the OP’s file is poorly modeled and bogs things down so I didn’t bother with it.

Actually X-ray doesn’t have to make it cluttered although in my furniture pieces there’s some unneeded detail.

Simplest is to set the hidden line view use Vector rendering, as in my example. It is transparent by default.

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That’s true

Thanks all, it has helped a lot:)