How to get ortho view of single group in Layout?

I’m trying to get an ortho view of a single wall (front) of my model in Layout, but the other walls are showing up in the viewport. The walls are organized as groups.

I’ve tried hiding the other groups in SketchUp and then updating the scene, but apparently SketchUp’s visibility doesn’t translate to Layout.

I’ve added a section plane that is parallel with the wall and aligned to the front, which is somewhat better, but Layout still shows where the side walls intersect.

I could put each group in a different scene, but there’s got to be an easier way.

I know I’ve done this before, but I’m hitting a wall here. Please hit me with a clue stick.


This is a thing where you should be using Tags/Layers to control the visibility of objects in your scene. Set them up so you can create a single scene that shows the one group you want to show and use that scene for a viewport in LayOut.

If you share the SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with, it would be much easier to help you get things squared away.

Are you still using SketchUp 2017 as indicated in your profile?

I do have multiple scenes set up with various parts of the design in separate layers. i.e. Studs, drywall, floors, trim, etc are all on different layers.

I know I could create a “front wall” layer containing the front wall group, and enable only that layer in the scene that I’m using in Layout, but that seems pretty complicated. I could swear that I was able to somehow limit the visibility of the other groups/components in previous Layout projects, but nothing’s obvious to me now.

I am still using SketchUp Pro 2017. Is there an advantage in newer versions that would help with my problem?


I don’t know. That seems like a pretty simple solution to me.

Maybe you could create a clipping mask to mask the rest of the model. Since you aren’t showing anything it’s just a WAG, though.

Possibly. One thing you can do now is control tag visibility for a viewport within LO. Whether that would help or not depends on how you’ve created the model.

It does. Try updating the scene in SketchUp using the scenes dialog and checking that the right elements are shown in the lower pane for “Properties to save”.

If you can see it in SketchUp, you should be able to see it in LO, barring a bug in the version you are using, and doing this with scenes is the nicer way to have it set up and stay consistent during your project.

Well, by visibility, I mean that if I hide the other walls and update the scene with all the boxes checked, they all still show up in Layout, (after saving the .skp & updating the reference).

Are you saying that hidden elements shouldn’t show up in the scene in Layout?

They shouldn’t if you’ve updated the scene. Hide in SU2017 isn’t a great way to manage visibility of objects in scenes. That’s another improvement with SU2020/2021.

They should if you hid them in the scene and updated it in SketchUp. In LayOut you Update the reference. It’s better to use tags (which is what I meant to say last time), but it works. Still works in 2019. I checked it.