How do I get a map onto a keychain model?

Hi, I’m attempting to make a keychain model in SketchUp Free.

This is what I’m trying to make:

I’ve been able to figure out everything so far, but I’m still confused for as to how I’m going to implement the map.

So, I was wondering how I could that?

  1. Make sure the keychain you have already created is a solid (closed volume).

  2. Import your map image as an image, you will then need to draw over it with freehand or pencil…

  3. Use push pull to create a 3D shape of the map (scale to the correct size).

4, Position the map at the correct position and depth over your key chain, then delete the map shape from the key chai using solid tools.

  1. It can be helpful while learning to make copies of components and then right click, make unique, so you don’t have to remake anything if there is an error you can’t recover.

I believe Sketchup free doesn’t have solid tools, so this part would have to be done by intersecting with model…

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My error - most solid tool options require a purchase.

So, you would need to use an intersection process as @tweenulzeven suggests.

Creating solids is not necessary for this process, but assuming you already have;

  1. Once you have positioned your map solid over the keychain, select both, right click and explode, right click again while both are selected and choose intersect faces/with selection

  2. Delete unwanted geometry

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I’ve created the map, woo hoo!

I just don’t know what to do now :sweat_smile:

I don’t know how to get it to move without randomly extruding or taking a weird shape…

Update: I just grouped it… so I guess that’s one step forward… !

The map looks excellently drawn!

You can move with your preference using the move tool (one axis at a time or all).

If you are 3D printing at a small scale you may find the detail is too much?

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Haha, thank you! I managed to move it, too

– oh and yes, I think that the detail may be too much for 3D printing. I think that I just need to create a model, for now. However, there is a possibility that we will be doing some 3D printing. If that’s the case, how do you think I could (somehow) make it less detailed without ruining it?

Would I just get rid of the small curves and bumps, making it into one curved line? (if that makes sense) For example, instead of zigzags, I would have one straight line (again, if that makes sense)

** I apologise for all of the questions. I’m very new to SketchUp and so I have no idea how anything works :grimacing:

Is the key ring something physical that you already have? If so, can you scan it? If you can, you can use the outline that is a simplified version of what you created. For your purposes, and at the likely scale, it probably is better to keep the outline simple and merely indicative.

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First off, I would make a copy of that nice NZ map and save it in an assets folder that is backed up everyday.

if you are not likely to print it, I would leave it as is and delete from your keychain model.

To get a simplified version, I would redraw it, if using SketchUp online.

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