Position 3D Model on TOPO Parcel Map

Hello everyone, A new user to the forum. Thanks to all that have the knowledge that I don not.

Have hit a road block and don’t know where to start.
So I will throw out my question. I have a Topo Map that was done on my parcel. It was done with 1 foot contour lines. I have the TOPO Map in .dwg .dxf and .pdf extensions. I would like to have a 3d model of the TOPO parcel map into Sketchup so I can position my home that I am building. Thank you to those that are willing to help guide me to the proper thread, dept or ??? wherever I should be posting.
Thank you

See Video:

See Tutorials:

This sounds like you are not sure how to get the TOPO map into SketchUp. It’s very simple:

File-Import-Files of Type-Autocad Files

Also in Options(top right of the dialogue) set your units. I would usually also check orient faces consistently but leave ‘merge coplanar faces’ unchecked. Leave ‘preserve drawing origin’ unchecked unless the imported file is matching another base plan which is brought in at the same origin.

Once it is imported use the Sandbox tool and run it ‘from contours’.

Before designing on top of the topo however I would design everything on a flat 2d plane first and once you are satisfied with the design, then drop the model on the topo and drape the geometry. I find it much easier that way.

Thank you very much. I will give it a try.

Thanks a bunch, I give it a go and I am sure success is on the horizon.

Hello. I am trying to create a topo map of my parcel on a mac laptop. I’ve watched several tutorials and have the basic idea but I can’t get my mac to do multiple copies in a vertical axis. All tutorials say to use the control key and lock it with the up arrow. I am having no luck with this.

Alt/option key on Mac.

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