How do I "export as 2D graphic" in the new browser-based SketchUp Free?

I can’t find it. I am talking about this feature in SketchUp Make:

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Not implement in SketchUp Free, yet.

Take a screengrab, edit in an image manipulation application (if necessary to remove the browser window items), save as any image type you prefer and your application will permit (I use paint_dot_net on Windows).

Unfortunately this limits the resolution of the image to the resolution of my screen, among other things. Not ideal.

As I mentioned elsewhere, SU Free doesn’t have this while SU for Schools does. No one from the SU team has commented yet if there’s a reason why.

Here are the two version’s menus side by side:

From time to time, you’ll notice minor differences between these two versions. This is an inevitable result of their slightly differing development roadmaps and schedules.

Please note, however, that the “Download > .PNG file” feature in SketchUp for Schools is not really doing much more than a simple screenshot at this time anyway. So you’re not really missing much by way of actual capability by just taking a screenshot for now.


True enough. You don’t get to pick pixel dimensions, and it appears to be based on the screen’s dimensions. That said, it appears a Retina display helps get that pixel count up a little.

The difference I see between a screengrab and an exported 2D image from SU17 Make is that the screen grab has no anti-aliasing whereas the exported image does,

(I fear the forum image compression might blur the images so the absence of antialiasing in the screengrab portion might not be obvious)
The screen grab is -as you point out - “screen size” (for me 1920 × 1200 px) but the effective viewport is 1560 × 1088 and the exported 2D image does not have the menus or borders and is just 1560 × 1088.
An image grabbed from the web app SUFree has anti-aliasing.

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