How do I export a Layout file to Autocad Lite 2D

Attached is a very simple dwg in Layout that I exported to both Autocad 2010 & 2013 with the same result. The 2nd image is what it looks like when I open it up with Autocad Lt-2D on my Mac. The 3rd image is from a CNC shop which is what I want them to be able to read so they can program their CNC. The original SU file/dwg was created on one/current layer.Muestra louver.layout (53.1 KB)
Muestra louver.dwg (25.8 KB)

Your SketchUp model views in LayOut use Raster rendering so when exported they are converted into raster images. Fefore exporting your LayOut page to DWG, you should switch them to the Vector rendering mode to get the model edges converted into 2D lines when exported. Your CNC shop would probably want the contents of your DWG to be in the Model space instead of Paper space.


Thanks Ansi. That took care of it.