How do I export a design to MS Word document

Please can someone tell me how to export an image to microsoft word

Use File>Export>2D Graphic… export an image file. then in Word, use Insert>Picture to place the image in the document.

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Thanks Dave - I’ve managed it but I get the whole page rather than the image - for clarification what I’m trying to do is draw a 2D window and put it in a quote

Make sure you zoom in on the window so it fills the drawing window as much as possible. You may also need to open the image in an image editor and crop it. Or you can change the size of the SketchUp window to more closely fit the shape of the model. I prefer to just crop the image, though.

Another thing you could do is create your quote in LayOut and send the model to Layout to show as a viewport. One of the cool things about using LayOut is that if you need to change the SketchUp model, those changes can be automatically updated in LayOut. No need to export a new image.

thanks Dave I’ll try those things and keep my questions to a minimum!

No worries about asking questions. That’s what this place is for.

Are you part of Sketchup?

I don’t work for SketchUp or Trimble. I use SketchUp mostly for drawing furniture and other woodworking projects and I teach others how to use it.

To extract parts of your SketchUp screen you could also consider using the Windows ‘Snipping-Tool’ to take a partial screen-shot…

Simply draw around the area of interest - then either save that as an image file, which you can insert into a doc later - or simply use Ctrl+C when it’s in the Snipping-Tools window and then over in the opened doc use Ctrl+V to paste that image into your text…

If you are not overly concerned about a high quality image this is a quick and easy method…


A screenshot from a FHD monitor would be almost postcard size if printed at 300 DPI. For most everyday colour printing you won’t notice the difference if you increase resolution from about 200 DPI so for normal illustrations screenshots are often quite enough. Images in newspapers have an even lower resolution.