Export defined area

When I export a skp model into a 2D image, it seems to save it as an entire screenshot. What I am trying to do is just save a defined area. Let me try to explain:

Say I have drawn a simple rectangular face, subdivided it into smaller faces and colored them in. I want to export just the face as a 2d image. When I try do do this, the resultant image always has a white border. Here’s what it looks like in PS

First use Zoom Extents to make the object fill the frame as much as possible. It won’t fill it completely but then after you export the image, open it in Photo Shop and crop away the white background.

Keep in mind that an image export will have the same aspect ratio as the model window.

Pattern in SU after Zoom Extents:

Image export from SU:

In image editor. I selected the white background and inverted the selection.

And after cropping to selection:

Thanks. That’s similar to what I was doing, but I was just wondering if I could avoid those steps and directly export what I want. Thanks so much for your response.

You could spend time resizing the model space to match the aspect ratio of your pattern but Zoom Extents will still not make the pattern exactly fill the model space. There’ll still be a bit of white around the edges.

Better would be to do it in LayOut. You could set the paper size to match the shape of the pattern and set it up so the pattern goes all the way to the edges of the sheet. You can get a better image export out of LO, too.

Admit I’ve never used LO, but maybe now’s the time to try!

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There is also the option to export .png with transparent background.

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If this is something you will be doing often you may want to have a look at this extension by Fredo6

Thank you for this! I love this community!