How do I edit Toolbar Components and Materials, particularly their colours

Greetings. I have just entered the 30-day free trial for SketchUp Pro2022 for Web, prior to almost certainly subscribing annually. I design prefab building systems as well as buildings of all kinds. Until last weekend I was still using SketchUp Pro 2015.
I have almost completed my first design with SketchUp Pro 2022 for Web, but I am struggling with the toolbars. The 2015 version ones were easy and very familiar. The Web ones are still a challenge. Right now I could use some advice on how to edit the colours and scale of components and materials…fairly urgently.
Not sure that I have a lot to offer in terms of SketchUp skills, but very happy to offer ideas from my design experience.
Andy, Perth Australia

The web version is quite different, but if you are using the trial and are considering subscribing you would probably be better off using the downloadable desktop version, which is what is really referred to as Pro, and will look very similar to 2015.

What specifically do you need to know.
The component browser and material can both be found on the right hand toolbar.

Hi Box, thanks for replying. I am using the toolbox on the right, but cannot work out how to change the colour of a component. E.g. I need the corrugated roofing to be black and not grey. In 2015 it’s easy as there is an edit icon. Similarly, when I select a colour, say green, and I want to alter it slightly, I cannot find the editing procedure.

Do you mean like this>
GIF 16-05-2022 1-37-05 PM


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Thank you very much. I owe you.

Well, you know, you are from WA so we expect it to be a little harder for you guys.

I know. We spend so much time enjoying the sunshine and weather we sort of … relax.
Much appreciated. Look forward to more creative and robust interaction in the future.

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