How do I draw a rod with several bends

I need to have an assembly welded together made from 15mm steel bar. The assembly is made up of several parts which need to be bent prior to welding. How do I draw the bends in the bar?

Draw a line as the path you want your bar to follow centred on the bar. Then draw a circle and use Follow Me.

Draw a centerline for the rod and a circle at one end with a diameter that matches and use Follow Me.

Simon by a nose!

Wow, that was quick, thanks

Thanks to you too.


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I’m sure this is going to come across the wrong way, but how could you use sketchup for 4 years and not know about using follow me.
I’m really not being rude, just curious about your workflow.

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I use Sketch Up infrequently, so often forget how to complete some things. It’s what happens when you get old!!

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Ok, got you. I often suffer from the hereafter problem, when you walk into a room and think to yourself, now what am I here after.


The ‘follow me’ worked fine thanks!