Bending a round bar in a L shape

I am trying to make a round bar in a L shape. I tried Truebend, after make a round bar, but it works only on face of the bar. I tried the Follow me tool after making a L line to follow but it made only one section or the odder of the L.
There must be a solution for that ?

You need to preselect the entire path (all edges that make up the L shape) that needs to be followed before clicking on the face, in your case the circular face…

What @Wo3Dan describes.

You could weld the edges of the path so that you can select all of them in a single click.

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Yes, that is what I did. I will try again, may be I made something wrong !

OK, I know what I did wrong, my line to follow was touching another part !

Thanks for the help !

Follow me is the most appropriate tool for a simple bend but if you are trying plugins like trubend different tools do different jobs.
Here you see trubend bends an arc, you could use this and only make a 90deg bend then extend the ends
Radial Bend from FredoScale lets you bend a simple elbow.
Trubend radial bend

It is better to get the fundamentals under your hat before leaping into plugins and extensions, so you may want to spend some time at the Campus to save you struggling with the basics.


Thank You !

You are totally right, I am following the Campus formations but some time, being new to SketchUp we lack practice and forget thing or make mistakes. Mistakes are the best way to learn. I have tried Truebend but I din’t know how it works to do what you did with it. It offered me to only bend the extremity of the bar. I will try it again and see what I did wrong.

I would suggest that you spend some time learning what you can do with the native tools before you get too worried about using extensions.

Yes, your wright, I am doing that, but in this case I had to find a quick issue to this.
I recently started learning SketchUp and I find that there is a lot to learn about each tools. And habitability comes with practice and knowledge, so I appreciate all the help and suggestions I receive from Community of experts.

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